Application development may typically take 6 to 12 months, but for a mission-critical application its lifetime in deployment may last over a decade. Non-optimal performance in production seriously hampers business effectiveness and gives rise to a multitude of hidden costs. This is where we come in.

We analyze, map processes and design systems that would last a decade. Systems that are aimed at the vertical market and that have the ability to grow with your business. In addition, you can factor in our years of expertise in architecting enterprise applications and helping businesses improve their process.

We are pioneers in the fields of Business Process Engineering and Business Process Management (BPE/BPM). We capture business processes in Visio diagrams. Which is later converted to a data model by a Data Architect. These processes help bridge the Business-IT divide, creating visibility into every activity of software development (Including project portfolio management (PPM), requirements management (RM), and application performance management (APM)) leading to that elusive project success.

We use common patterns for Rapid Development and architecture styles like Client-Server architecture style and Layered architecture style. Others include Pattern Oriented Software Architecture (POSA), Template Based Architecture, SOA, 3-tier, Distributed n-tier, Thin / Thick clients, Model View etc.

We use best practices in programming and patterns. Thus improving consistency by using common architecture platforms and design patterns. We remain professionally competitive by use of agile processes and adhering to the project management information and practices outlined in PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) from PMI (Project Management Institute).

We believe that architecting is about:

  • 1. "Process processing" and not "data processing".

  • 2. Looking toward the creation of a "process base" and not a "database".

  • 3. Dealing with "business process as an application" instead of "data and application".

  • 4. Making customers retain direct, physical ownership and directly engaging with architects in the design and configuration of their systems.

  • 5. Being sensitive to the value of business processes for the long-term viability of the system.

  • 6. Designing systems that allow true flexibility and instant adaptability to changing business circumstances.

  • 7. Achieving the promise of business and technology evolving in tandem.

These processes guarantee higher levels of achieving greater repeatability and predictability of projects and also adaptability to changes in the business. To sum up, the advantages that we could offer are:

  • Reduce IT costs.

  • Improve business processes.

  • Bridge the Business-IT divide.

  • Predict potential failures before these impact on users or the business.

  • Get early feedback and react quickly to feedbacks very early in the project life cycle.

  • Provide rapid alerts when failures occur and isolate the root cause of these failures.

  • Improve planning for system requirements.

  • Speed-up the implementation and launch of new applications.

  • Provide systems that are capable of growing with the business.

  • Provide systems that are flexible and adept at changing with times and last a decade.

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