1. Chennai – South of India

2. Flight Routes

Precise planning for secure resources

1. Multi location Advantage - Two development centers equipped with facilities for quickly resuming operations in the event of any eventuality.
2. Well-implemented physical security policy in all locations.
3. Independent back up power generating stations, with in-house storage of diesel fuel for up to 1 week.
4. All locations have fully functional, sustained 24 hour operations.
5. All offices fully interconnected, enabling seamless inter-office transfer of information.

Robust Communication Network

1. Service Provider Redundancy
2. Server Redundancy for power supply, disk mirroring etc
3. Redundancy to avoid/reduce impact of server failure
4. Dial–up option as a back up
5. Managed Network.

Network Advantages

6. Redundant high-speed broadband availability (BSNL and VSNL).
7. Green Ethernet technology with a speed 1000 MBPS.
8. Cable diagnostic feature to help detect cable problems
9. Non-blocking, full wire speed forwarding and filtering

Plan of Action in case of any eventuality

I. Server Hardware Failure

a. Servers to be identified as critical and non-critical servers
b. Critical servers to be configured for redundancy for power supply, disk mirroring etc
c. Redundancy to avoid/reduce impact of server failure

II. Loss of Data/Software

a. Project Data: Adequate backups maintained to recover loss of data
b. Each project to have daily incremental backups of work-in-progress
c. Weekly backup of database
d. Backup media to be tested at least once in six months
e. Copies of backups maintained in secure offsite location

III. Loss of power

a. Backup generator for Computers, Pheripherals, Air Conditioning and all gadgets.
b. Backup online UPS system for 30 minutes to avoid loss of data

IV. Loss/Inaccessibility of ODC location

a. Critical work to commence in alternate WAFY site with alternate communication line.
b. Use of wireless internet connection as an alternative

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