Responsible business in every way

We value corporate responsibility and feel that it’s imperative to our business and society at large.

We are committed to conducting business with integrity, in compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct and all applicable national and international laws. Not only will unethical behavior put our reputation at risk, but we firmly believe that the highest standards of ethical behavior will create and maintain competitive advantage for our business.

We want to protect the brand and reputation of WAFY and our clients by minimizing CR-related risks our operations. We aim for prudent risk management, including reputation risks, business continuity planning, human rights and environmental protection. We aim to use our skills and services to make operations more efficient by creating efficient products and by using monitoring and optimization technologies.


We have worked to build the WAFY culture, establishing an open and fair working environment. Our employees feel engaged, motivated, valued and rewarded.

We continuously work on integrating values into business processes, including individual performance measurement and leadership programs.

We constantly review our processes to identify areas where employees feel the need for improvement. We ensure good working conditions.

We plan to work on improving the health and safety culture throughout the company and promote employee wellbeing.

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