WAFY is a pioneer in the field of creating and managing websites and web applications. We have invested a lot of time and money in perfecting solutions for the web.

Whether be it a simple website or a demanding web application, WAFY has the requisite skills and resources to guarantee a feature rich professional looking web front-end. Website creation is truly an art in itself that combines passion with drawing, layout, skill and technology. WAFY has the passion and the technical skills to create a State-of-the-art website or an web application.

Whether you are a CEO, Owner, IT Specialist or an architect looking to hire the right team to create your website or web application, you should read the points highlighted below on why you should choose WAFY:

  • 1. We have highly experienced and passionate team of designers and layout specialists.

  • 2. Highly experienced Project Managers, who have perfected the skill of bringing designs to life lead the project and interface between the design leads and the development project leads.

  • 3. Our core development process is deeply rooted in the object-oriented principles.

  • 3. Our core development process is deeply rooted in the object-oriented principles.

  • 4. Code Organization: We are good organizers of code. We structure the code at every level:

    • a. Solution

    • b. Web Project(s)

    • c. Source file

    • d. CSS

    • e. Web Controls

    • f. Themes

  • 5. Code re-use: Simple to say but we know that this requires a lot of thought process to create highly robust code, which is easily customizable and manageable. If we have to choose between the right choice and the quick choice, we would always choose the right over quick.

  • 6. Frameworks: Over the years, we have created and perfected frameworks that help create robust applications and reduce time to market.

  • 7. We strictly follow coding standards and comply with the web guidelines.

  • 8. User Interface: We are detail oriented and have a highly talented team of designers. We want every screen to look elegant and professional. We have created standards for designing the GUI and we follow it to every detail. We don’t dump controls.

  • 9. Logical Ability: This is hard to explain. We are very good in formulating logics and can almost come up with the most efficient solution to every coding problem. Our dogged approach to finding the most efficient and robust solution has been appreciated by many.

  • 10. Professional Developers: We have a workforce that is highly qualified, experienced and technically skilled.

  • 11. Comments: We explain the logic using comments as we code every webpage.

  • 12. Testing: We follow iterative programming and the code gets tested continuously throughout the coding process. We maintain and organize weekly and fortnightly builds. We create test cases and use them for our internal testing and UAT. We have established a process by which the code gets tested at various levels and intensities before being delivered. When you get a build from WAFY, it works perfectly the first time and every time!

  • 13. Documentation – We document everything right from the project start to the production.

This we hope clearly explains the way we work and code. There is more but we think it would be too much of a detail to explain it all here. However, if you would like to know more about any of the processes listed above, please contact us and we will be happy to take you through a process walk.

Our expertise includes creating websites and web applications for the following domains:

  • 1. CRM

  • 2. HR

  • 3. Stockiest and Distributors

  • 4. Inventory Management

  • 5. Mail Servers and Clients

  • 6. Business Continuity Planning

  • 7. Banking

  • 8. Finance

  • 9. Realty

  • 10. Ticketing

  • 11. Change Management

The architecture includes:

  • 1. Distributed Architecture

  • 2. Service Oriented Architecture

  • 3. Template Driven Architecture

  • 4. Web Services

The technologies include:

  • 1. NET Technologies

    • a. C# (Csharp)

    • b. VB .NET

    • c. APS.NET

  • 2. Delphi

  • 3. LINQ

  • 4. PHP

  • 6. SQL Server

  • 7. MS Access, My SQL

  • 8. Interbase / FireBird

Third party tools:

  • 1. Developer Express

  • 2. Infragistics

  • 3. Crystal Reports

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