Felix Marianayagam, Founder & CEO
Felix Marianayagam
Founder & CEO

"I quickly see what will and won’t work and form an optimal strategy and execution plan. I am pragmatic and have a clear history of actionable recommendations. I am a strong leader and a team builder who can excite and motivate a staff to success. In short, I move the organization forward."

Subha Narayanan, Founder, President & COO
Subha Narayanan
Founder, President & COO

"I am an ardent manager, quick at planning, organizing and execution. I’m ambitious, detail oriented and stop at nothing but success. I can be dropped into situations and add instant credibility through my professionalism and my command of the technologies, market and products. In short, I manage the entire organization while it’s moving forward."

Ignatius Ephrem, Project Manager
Ignatius Ephrem
Project Manager

"I have a clear history of winning at every project that I get my hands on. I’m passionate about management and can add great value to the project. I concentrate on every aspect of project management and work closely with the team to get that elusive victory."

Maria Joseph Sebastian, Project Manager
Maria Joseph Sebastian
Project Manager

"I am a computer architect hit-man. I have a clear history of solving even the most difficult of problems. I can see projects from a technological standpoint and can quickly advise on the best strategy and architecture. I’m passionate about coding and quality."

Cherin John, HR Manager
Cherin John
HR Manager

"People skills are my forte. I’m a strong personality and an excellent team player. I can clearly distinguish the best from the rest. I have a history of commendable contributions and strive to create a great working environment for all at Wafy."

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